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Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
Grande Da Barra Hotel Salvador Barra Beach Port3$
Cocoon Hotel & Lounge Salvador City4$
Provence Pituba Apartment Hotel Salvador City4$
Sofitel Salvador City5$
Fiesta Bahia Hotel Salvador City Centre5$
Tropical Bahia Hotel Salvador City Centre5$
Monte Pascoal Hotel Salvador City Centre4$
Marazul Hotel Salvador Farol da Barra4$
Catussaba Hotel Salvador Itapoa Beach5$
Bahiamar Hotel Salvador Jardim de Alah's Beach4$
Salvador Praia Hotel Salvador Ondina Beach4$
Sol Bahia Atlantico Hotel Salvador Patamares Beach3$
Vila Gale Bahia Hotel Salvador Praia da Ondina5$
Pestana Bahia Hotel Salvador Rio Vermelho5$
Blue Tree Towers Hotel Salvador Rio Vermelho5$83.00
Sol Victoria Marina Hotel Salvador Sol Victoria Marina4$
Holiday Inn Salvador Suburbs4$
Bahia Othon Palace Salvador Waterfront/beach5$

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