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Calafate Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
Los Alamos Hotel Calafate Calafate Mountains4$
Parque Hotel Calafate Central4$
Rincon Del Hotel Calafate Central3$
Hosteria Hainen Calafate City3$
Alto Calafate Hotel Patagonico City4$
Bahia Redonda Calafate City Centre3$
El Quijote Calafate City Centre3$
Frai Toluca Hotel Calafate City Centre3$
Lupama Hotel Calafate City Centre3$
Michelangelo Hotel El Calafate City Centre3$
Picos Del Sur Hotel Calafate City Centre3$
Koi Aiken Calafate El Calafate3$
Mirador Del Lago Hotel Calafate Near International Airport3$

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