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Brugge Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (EUR)
Golden Tulip Medici Hotel Brugge Canal Bank / Market Place4$143.00
Minotel Azalea Brugge Central Location4$124.00
Oud Huis De Peellaert Hotel Bruges Central Location4$
Die Swaene Hotel & Restaurant Brugge Central Location4$150.00
Portinari Hotel Brugge Central Location4$
Putje Hotel Brugge Central Location3$
Academie Hotel Brugge City4$
Hotel De Tuilerieen Brugge City4$
Ibis Centre Hotel Brugge City3$
Relais Ravestein Hotel Brugge City4$157.00
Sofitel Hotel Brugge City4$
Hotel Het Gheestelic Hof City3$70.00
Olympia Hotel Brugge City3$
Azalea Hotel Brugge City4$
Notre Dame Hotel Brugge City1$
Europ Hotel Brugge City2$
Flanders Hotel Brugge City4$
Albert 1er Hotel Brugge City3$
De Castillion Hotel Brugge City4$125.00
Novotel Centrum Brugge City Centre3$125.00
Relais Oud Huis Amsterdam Hotel Brugge City Centre4$
Crowne Plaza Brugge City Centre4$163.00
Martin's Hotel Brugge City Centre3$151.00
Hans Memling Hotel Brugge Grand Place / Main Square4$
Aragon Hotel Brugge Market Place4$
Campanile Hotel Brugge St. Michels3$77.00

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