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Guiyang Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
Gui Long Hotel Guiyang City4$
Guizhou Park Hotel Guiyang City4$
Guotai Hotel Guiyang City3$
Hualian Hotel Guizhou City3$
Miracle Island Express Hotel Guiyang City3$
Miracle Plaza Guiyang City4$
Neng Hui Hotel Guiyang City4$
Royal City Hotel Guiyang City5$
Sheng Feng Hotel Guiyang City4$
Trade-Point Hotel Guizhou City4$
Yun Yan Hotel Guiyang City3$
Jinjiang Fresh Flowers Hotel Guiyang City4$
Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Guiyang City: Downtown5$
Miracle Hotel Guiyang City: Downtown4$
Regal Hotel Guizhou City: Downtown4$

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