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Jinan Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
C Sohoh Business Hotel Jinan Central3$
Yuquan Simpson Hotel Jinan Centre4$
Yizheng Hotel Jinan Centre3$
Century Runhua Hotel Jinan City3$
Guidu Hotel Jinan City4$
Huaneng Hotel Jinan City4$
Shandong Aviation Mansion Jinan City3$
Shandong Hotel Jinan City5$
Shungeng Hillview Hotel Jinan City4$
Xingzuo Hotel Jinan City2$
Zhonghao Grand Hotel Jinan City4$
East Hotel Jinan City3$
Han Lin Hotel Jinan City4$
Jindu Hotel Jinan City4$
Liangyou Fulin Hotel Jinnan City4$
Galaxy Diamond Aotol Club Jinan City: Downtown4$
Harbor Hotel Jinan City: Downtown3$
Litian Hotel Jinan City: Downtown4$
Longdu International Hotel Jinan City: Downtown4$
Nanjiao Hotel Jinan City: Downtown4$
Pearl Hotel Shandong City: Downtown3$
Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel Jinan City: Downtown3$
Minghu Hotel Jinnan Town3$

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