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Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
Bell Tower Hotel Xi'an Bell Tower4$
Le Garden Hotel Xian Center4$
Shuyuan Youth Hotel Xian Central2$
Hongye Hotel Xi'an City3$
King Palace Commercial Hotel Xi'an City3$
Long Hai Hotel Xi'an City3$
Post Hotel Xi'an City3$
Silk Road Hotel Xi'an City3$
Wan Nian Hotel Xi'an City5$
Wen Yuan Hotel Xi'an City3$
Jinshi International Hotel Xian City5$
Melody Hotel Xi'an City3$
Northwest Civil Aviation Hotel Xian City3$
Paradise Resort Xian City5$
Qinfeng Hotel Xian City3$
Run Tian Hotel Xi'an City4$
Xi Qi International Hotel Xian City4$
Xi'an Hotel Xian City4$
Canaan International Hotel Xian City Center3$29.00
Hotel Royal Garden Xi'an City Center4$
Prince International Hotel Xi'an City Center3$55.00
Tianyu Gloria Plaza Hotel Xi'an City Center4$55.00
Hyatt Regency Xi'an City Center5$100.00
Jianguo Hotel Xian City Centre4$
Purple Mountain Hotel Xi'an City Centre4$
Sino Pearl Hotel Xian City Centre3$
ANA Grand Castle Hotel Xi'an City's South Gate5$60.00
Xi'an Hotel City's South Gate4$
Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel Xi'an City's South Gate5$
Shannxi Hotel Xian Countryside2$
Aurum International Hotel Xi'an Near Bell Tower4$
Diamond International Hotel Xian Near Bell Tower4$
Sheraton Xian Hotel Near City Wall5$
Tang Cheng Hotel Xi'an Near the big wild goose pagoda4$60.00
Garden Hotel Xi'an Near the big wild goose pagoda4$60.00
Grand New World Hotel Xi'an Near the West Gate4$
Xi'an Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel Near Xi'an Zoo5$
Grand Mercure on Renmin Square Xi'an Renmin Square4$70.00
Dynasty Hotel China Xian Shaanxi Province3$
Royal Hotel Xian Shaanxi Province4$
Orient Hotel Xi'an the Big Wild Goose Pagoda4$
Fenghe Int'L Youth Hotel Xian Town1$
Jiaoda Nan Yang Hotel Xian Town4$
Shangri-la Golden Flower Hotel Xian Town5$

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