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Zhengzhou Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
Da He Jinjiang Hotel Zhengzhou City4$
Fengleyuan Hotel Zhengzhou City4$
Speed Dragon Hotel Zhengzhou City4$
Wuhua Hotel Zhengzhou City3$
Xingya Jianguo Hotel Zhengzhou City Centre5$
Yuyan Hotel Zhengzhou City Centre3$
Asia Hotel Zhengzhou City Centre / Er Qi Sqaure3$
Weilai Conifer Hotel Zhengzhou City Centre / Provincial Government Qtr4$
Heavenly Spring Hotel Zhengzhou City Centre / Railway Station3$
Great Wall Hotel Zhengzhou City: Downtown3$
Hai Tian Hotel Zhengzhou City: Downtown3$
Jianguo Hotel Xinhua Henan Downtown4$55.00
Holiday Inn Zhengzhou Henan4$70.00
Crowne Plaza Zhengzhou Henan5$98.00
Airport Hotspring Hotel Zhenzhou International Airport3$
Sofitel Hotel Zhengzhou Jin Shui Qu4$

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