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Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (EUR)
Hilton Helsinki Strand Hotel City5$97.00
Scandic Grand Marina Hotel Helsinki City4$80.00
Scandic Marski Hotel Helsinki City4$83.00
Scandic Simonkentta Hotel Helsinki City4$83.00
Scandic Continental Hotel Helsinki City4$
Cumulus Kaisaniemi Hotel Helsinki City Centre3$
Cumulus Olympia Hotel Helsinki City Centre4$
Cumulus Seurahuone Hotel Helsinki City Centre3$
Eurohostel Helsinki City Centre2$
Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Helsinki City Centre5$
Sokos Hotel Helsinki City Centre4$
Sokos Pasila Hotel Helsinki City Centre4$
Sokos Torni Hotel Helsinki City Centre4$
Sokos Vaakuna Hotel Helsinki City Centre4$
Crowne Plaza Hotel Helsinki City Centre4$102.00
Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre City Centre4$93.00
Aurora Hotel Helsinki City Centre3$
Kamp Hotel Helsinki City Centre5$
Helka Hotel Helsinki City Centre3$
Sokos Hotel Presidentti Helsinki City Centre4$
Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Helsinki City Centre - Kamppi4$
Comfort Hotel Pilotti Helsinki-Vantaa Helsinki Vantaa Airport3$77.00
Airport Hotel Bonus Inn Helsinki Helsinki Vantaa Airport3$
Cumulus Airport Hotel Helsinki Helsinki Vantaa Airport3$
Ramada Airport Hotel Helsinki Helsinki Vantaa Airport3$
Sokos Hotel Vantaa Helsinki Vantaa Airport4$
Park Kapyla Hotel Helsinki Puu-Kapyla3$
Arthur Hotel Helsinki Railwaystation3$
Radisson SAS Seaside Hotel Helsinki Western city - Ruoholahti4$

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