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Bologna Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (EUR)
Nettuno Hotel Castel Maggiore Castel Maggiore3$63.00
Art Commercianti Hotel Bologna Centre - Maggiore Square4$
Art Corona D'oro Hotel Bologna Centre - Maggiore Square4$
Art Novecento Hotel Bologna Centre - Maggiore Square4$
Art Orologio Hotel Bologna Centre - Maggiore Square3$
Metropolitan Hotel Bologna Centre - Maggiore Square3$86.00
Touring Hotel Bologna Centre - Maggiore Square3$72.00
Astoria Hotel Bologna Centre - Railway Station3$
Jolly De La Gare Hotel Bologna Centre - Railway Station4$
Sofitel Hotel Bologna Centre - Railway Station4$120.00
Una Hotel Bologna Centre - Railway Station4$
AC Hotel Bologna Centre - Railway Station4$85.00
Il Guercino Hotel Bologna Centre - Railway Station3$70.00
Fiera Hotel Bologna City - Exhibition Centre3$46.00
Monte del Re Residence Bologna Dozza4$114.00
Eurogarden Hotel Bologna Residential Area4$66.00
Golden Tulip Aemilia Hotel Bologna Residential Area4$122.00
Grand Elite Hotel Bologna Residential Area4$
Hotel Centro Turistico Bologna Residential Area3$47.00
Jolly Hotel Bologna Villanova Residential Area3$
Tower Boscolo Hotel Bologna Residential Area4$90.00
Novotel Hotel Bologna Residential Area4$
Top Hotel Park Bologna Residential Area4$48.00
Green Park Bologna & Congressi Hotel Residential Area/ Granarolo4$

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