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Rimini Riviera Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (EUR)
Poker Hotel Rimini Centre3$
Due Torri Hotel Rimini City2$
Ariosto Hotel Rimini City2$
Fedora Hotel Rimini City - Sea Front3$63.00
Days Inn South Beach Hotel Rimini Riviera City - Sea Front4$55.00
Bellevue Hotel Rimini City - Sea Front4$
Tiberius Hotel Rimini City Centre3$
Villa Lidia Hotel Rimini City Centre3$
Mercure Hotel La Gradisca Rimini Highway A144$
Le Meridien Hotel Rimini Lungomare Murri4$119.00
Palazzo Viviani Castello di Montegridolfo Montegridolfo4$250.00
Ramada Rimini Villa Rosa Hotel Rimini / Marina Centre4$

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