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Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (JPY)
Narita View Hotel Tokyo Airport4$
Washington Hotel Tokyo Airport3$
ANA Hotel Narita Airport Airport: Narita Int'l4$
Mercure Hotel Narita Airport: Narita Int'l3$
Nikko Hotel Narita Airport Airport: Narita Int'l4$
Radisson Hotel Narita Airport Airport: Narita Int'l5$
Sky Court Narita Airport: Narita Int'l2$
Akasaka Prince Hotel Tokyo Akasaka / Chiyoda-ku5$
New Otani Hotel Tokyo Akasaka / Chiyoda-ku5$
ANA Hotel Tokyo Akasaka / Roppongi5$
Blue Wave Inn Asakusa Hotel Tokyo Asakusa3$
Sky Court Asakusa Tokyo Asakusa /Taito-ku2$
Chisun Hamamatsucho Hotel Tokyo Central3$
Horidome Villa Hotel Tokyo Central2$
Marroad Inn Akasaka Hotel Tokyo Central3$
Route Inn Gotanda Tokyo Central3$
Takanawa Tobu Hotel Tokyo Central3$
The B Akasaka Hotel Tokyo Central3$
Fukuoka Kaikan Hotel Tokyo Central3$
Akihabara Washington Hotel Tokyo Central;Station3$
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo Central;Station5$
Princess Garden Hotel Tokyo Central;Station3$
Jal City Yotsuya Hotel Tokyo Centre3$
Pearl Kayabacho Hotel Tokyo Centre3$
Palace Hotel Tokyo Chiyoda-Ku4$
Mansions Apartments at Roppongi Tokyo City4$
Four Seasons Chinzanso Hotel Tokyo City5$
Apa Itabashi Hotel Tokyo City3$
Four Seasons Marunouchi Hotel Tokyo City5$
Grand Hotel Tokyo City4$
Haneda Excel Tokyu Hotel Tokyo City4$
Ikebukuro Theatre Hotel Tokyo City3$
Park Lane Hotel Tokyo City3$
Apa Nishi-Azabu Hotel Tokyo City3$
Westin Hotel Tokyo Ebisu/Meguro-ku5$
Ginza Nikko Hotel Tokyo Ginza2$
Imperial Hotel Tokyo Ginza5$
Mercure Hotel Ginza Tokyo Ginza3$
Renaissance Tokyo Ginza Tobu Ginza4$
Seiyo Ginza Tokyo Ginza5$
Bellclassic Hotel Tokyo Ikebukuro4$
Clarion Hotel Tokyo Ikebukuro3$
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Tokyo Ikebukuro4$
Sky Court Koiwa Tokyo Koiwa /Edogawa-ku2$
Celestine Hotel Tokyo Minato-ku3$
Strings Hotel Tokyo (The) Minato-ku5$
Okura Hotel Tokyo Minato-ku5$
Park Hotel Tokyo Minato-ku4$20199.00
Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo Minato-ku / Tokyo Tower3$14375.00
Tokyo Prince Hotel Tokyo Minato-ku / Tokyo Tower4$
Tobu Levant Hotel Tokyo Near Centre4$
The B Sangenjaya Hotel Tokyo Near Centre3$
Gimmond Hotel Tokyo Nihonbashi/Chuo-ku3$
East 21 Hotel Tokyo Otemachi4$
Roppongi Prince Hotel Tokyo Roppongi / Minato-ku4$
The Mansions at Azabu Towers Tokyo Ropponngi/Azabu4$
Shibuya Excel Tokyu Hotel Tokyo Shibuya-ku4$
Shibuya Tobu Tokyo Shibuya-ku3$
Le Meridien Hotel Pacific Tokyo Shinagawa4$
New Takanawa Prince Hotel Tokyo Shinagawa4$
Takanawa Prince Hotel Sakura Tower Tokyo Shinagawa5$
Takanawa Prince Hotel Tokyo Shinagawa4$
Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokyo Shinagawa3$
New Otani Inn Tokyo Shinagawa-ku3$
Shinjuku Prince Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku / Kabuki-cho4$
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku / Nishi-Shinjuku5$
Century Hyatt Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku / Nishi-Shinjuku5$
Shinjuku New City Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku / Nishi-Shinjuku3$
Sunlite Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku / Shinjuku san-chome3$
Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku / Totsuka-machi5$
Radisson Miyako Hotel Tokyo Shirokanedai5$
Sky Court Asagaya Hotel Tokyo Suginami-ku2$
Sofitel Hotel Tokyo Taito-ku / Ueno Park4$
Grand Palace Hotel Tokyo Tokyo / Imperial Palace4$
JAL City Tamachi Hotel Tokyo Tokyo Bay3$
Le Meridien Hotel Grand Pacific Tokyo Tokyo Bay5$
Makuhari Prince Hotel Tokyo Bay Tokyo Bay / Chiba4$
Tokyo Dome Hotel Tokyo Tokyo Dome3$
Ibis Hotel Tokyo Town3$
New Hankyu Tsukiji Tokyo Tsukiji/ Chuo-Ku4$

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