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Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (EUR)
Kuramathi Blue Lagoon Male Ari Atoll4$
Kuramathi Village Male Ari Atoll4$168.00
Madoogali Tourist Resort Male Ari Atoll4$140.00
Kuramathi Cottage and Spa Male Ari Atoll3$
Soneva Fushi Resort & Spa Baa Atoll4$438.00
Royal Island Resort City5$274.00
Central Hotel Male City4$101.00
Relax Inn Hotel Male City2$89.00
Kam Hotel Male City4$114.00
Komandoo Island Resort Male Lahviyani Atoll3$189.00
Hakuraa Club Male Meemu Atoll4$122.00
Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort Male North Ari Atoll4$107.00
Velidhu Island Resort Male North Ari Atoll5$107.00
Veligandu Island Resort Male North Ari Atoll1$192.00
Four Seasons Resort Maldives North Male Atoll5$
Angsana Resort & Spa Maldives Ihuru North Male Atoll5$554.00
Bandos Island Resort Male North Male Atoll4$138.00
Eriyadu Island Resort Male North Male Atoll1$93.00
Full Moon Beach Resort Male North Male Atoll5$228.00
Hulhule Island Hotel Male North Male Atoll4$239.00
Kurumba Village Tourist Resort Male North Male Atoll5$234.00
Lohifushi Island Resort Male North Male Atoll4$83.00
Paradise Island Male North Male Atoll5$184.00
Soneva Gili Resort & Spa North Male Atoll5$1012.00
Giravaru Island Resort Male North Male Atoll4$
Baros Holiday Resort Male North Male Atoll5$372.00
Meeru Island Resort Male North Male Atoll1$144.00
Filitheyo Island Resort Male North Nilandhoo Atoll1$99.00
Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa Rangali Island South Ari Atoll1$378.00
Holiday Island Male South Ari Atoll4$144.00
Lily Beach Resort Male South Ari Atoll4$
Mirihi Island Resort Male South Ari Atoll4$228.00
Sun Island Male South Ari Atoll5$146.00
Vakarufalhi Island Resort Male South Ari Atoll4$192.00
Vilamendhoo Island Resort Male South Ari Atoll1$83.00
Embudu Village Male South Male Atoll3$100.00
Bolifushi Island Resort South Male Atoll3$
Laguna Beach Male South Male Atoll4$168.00
Taj Exotica Resort and Spa South Male Atoll5$438.00
Fihalhohi Tourist Resort Male South Male Atoll1$103.00
Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort Male South Male Atoll1$177.00
Vadoo Island Resort Male South Male Atoll3$176.00
Velavaru Island Resort Male South Nilandhoo Atoll4$159.00
Vilu Reef Beach and Spa Resort Male South Nilandhoo Atoll1$182.00
Nasandhura Palace Hotel Male To Be Confirmed1$114.00

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