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Christchurch Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (NZD)
Scenic Circle Russley Hotel Christchurch Airport3$
Sudima Hotel Christchurch Airport Airport3$
Airport Lodge Motel Christchurch Airport3$
Belle Bonne Motel Christchurch Avonhead3$117.00
Aotea Motel Christchurch Bealey Avenue3$99.00
Windsor Court Motel Christchurch Burwood3$99.00
Off The Square Hotel Christchurch City4$
Cashel Apartments Christchurch City4$176.00
Chateau Blanc Suites Christchurch City4$
City Central Motor Inn Christchurch City3$182.00
Copthorne Durham Street Christchurch City4$
Copthorne Hotel Central Christchurch City3$
Equestrian Hotel Christchurch City3$117.00
George Hotel Christchurch (The) City5$
Pacific Park Hotel Christchurch City2$99.00
Hotel Grand Chancellor Christchurch City4$
Poplars Apartments Christchurch (The) City4$165.00
Scenic Circle Fino Casementi All Suite Hotel Christchurch City3$197.00
Best Western Alexandra Court Motel Christchurch City3$154.00
River Road Apartment Christchurch City3$211.00
Quest Apartments Christchurch City5$141.00
Rydges Hotel Christchurch City4$
Warners Historic Hotel Christchurch City4$182.00
Heritage Christchurch (The) City4$
Kingsgate Hotel Autolodge Christchurch City3$
Millennium Hotel Christchurch City4$
Adorian Motel Christchurch City Centre3$99.00
Chardonnay Motor Lodge Christchurch City Centre4$133.00
Cranford Court Motel Christchurch City Centre3$99.00
Ferry Motel Christchurch City Centre3$99.00
Gothic Heights Motel Christchurch City Centre3$99.00
Millennium Christchurch City Centre4$233.00
Comfort Hotel Carlton Mill Christchurch City Centre3$106.00
Chamber Towers Apartments Christchurch City Centre3$281.00
Camelot Cathedral Square Hotel Christchurch City Centre3$
Base Christchurch Backpackers City Centre1$57.00
Gunyah Country Estate Darfield4$385.00
Outrigger at Clearwater Resort Christchurch Harewood4$
Latimer Hotel Christchurch (The) Latimer Square3$162.00
Copthorne Hotel Commodore Christchurch Airport Memorial Ave3$
Elm Tree House Christchurch Merivale1$197.00
Elms Hotel Christchurch (The) Papanui Road3$
Pavilions Hotel Christchurch Papanui Road3$116.00
Scenic Circle Cotswold Hotel Christchurch Papanui Road3$
Merivale Manor Christchurch Papanui Road5$186.00
The Charlotte Jane Boutique Hotel Christchurch Papanui Road5$
Antonio's Motor Lodge Christchurch Riccarton3$133.00
Apollo Motel Christchurch Riccarton4$
Ashleigh Court Motel Christchurch Riccarton3$99.00
Chateau on the Park Christchurch Riccarton4$
Christchurch Motel Riccarton4$99.00
Hagley Park Motel Christchurch Riccarton3$99.00
Best Western Annabelle Court Motel Christchurch Riccarton3$126.00
Huntley House Christchurch Riccarton5$374.00
Aloha Motel Christchurch Riccarton4$119.00
Sumner Beach Apartments Christchurch Sumner4$197.00

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