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Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (HKD)
Golden Dragon Hotel Macau Central4$
Posuada Marina Infante Hotel Macau Centre4$
Presidente Hotel Macau City4$
Grandeur Hotel Macau City: Downtown4$
Lisboa Hotel Macau City: Downtown5$
Ritz Hotel Macau City: Downtown5$
Taipa Hotel Macau City: Downtown4$
Metropole Hotel Macau City: Downtown3$
Casa Real Hotel Macau City: Downtown4$
Royal Hotel Macau City: Downtown5$
Westin Resort Macau Coloane Island5$
Best Western Sun Sun Hotel Macau Downtown3$
Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau Inner Harbour5$
Emperor Hotel Macau Macau City3$
Sintra Hotel Macau Macau City3$
Landmark Hotel Macau Macau City5$
Beverly Plaza Macau Macau City4$
Taipa Square Hotel Macau Near Centre4$
Kingsway Hotel Macau Outer Harbour3$
Mandarin Oriental Macau Outer Harbour5$
Grandview Hotel Macau Taipa Island4$
New Century Hotel & Casino Macau Taipa Island5$
China Hotel Macau Taipa Island4$

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